Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday: Target's Toddler Long Sleeve Thermal T-shirt

Target has white long sleeve thermal tees for just 5 bucks right now! They are perfect for layering under any of my short sleeve tees.

Thermal tee available at Target for $5! 
Here is a shirt I recently made for a new mommy blogger partner who is going to review my personalized airplane tee. (Review coming soon!) I love the way the white sleeves make the airplane pop even more on the navy background.

With and without the thermal tee layer. 
These thermals are in the toddler boys section. I bought one for my girl to wear on Sundays under her Charger's jersey so I can personally testify that these tees are soft, comfortable and should make it through many laundry cycles.  (Yes we are San Diego fans living in Bronco territory.)

Checking her fantasy stats.
I'd love to see how you layered any of my tees. Post them on my facebook page or send me an email: If you are an independent handmade shop and think something you make would coordinate with my tees, let's work on a feature together! Email me or send me a message on facebook.

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