Monday, December 23, 2013

DIY Doc McStuffins Inspired Felt Band-aids

The first time we asked our daughter what she wanted for Christmas she said she wanted a bike and helmet for Mama and Daddy. My heart melted. But...we live in Colorado and we will probably not take any family bike rides for a few months. I suggested some more Magna-Tiles since she likes to build with those and it is one of the toys I can tolerate playing with too. I also suggested some more art supplies since the kid seems to go through glue sticks and watercolor paint like there is no tomorrow. She agreed.

I thought I was getting off easy until...she sat on Santa's lap and told him she wanted Doc McStuffins everything. Great.

A quick Pinterest search revealed a ridiculous amount of Doc McStuffins merchandise but then I remembered I had pinned some felt band-aids for stuffed animals. All I had to do add a pink heart. So I present to you my DIY Doc McStuffins felt band-aids. Note: I am sharing with you how I made these with the materials I had on hand. At the bottom of this post I also share some other options.

  • brown felt
  • white felt
  • Heat n Bond (permanent kind)
  • 3/4 inch beige Velcro (scratchy side only)
  • pink glitter heat transfer vinyl 

  • heat press (or iron*)
  • Silhouette Cameo 
  • scissors
  • pick tool 
  • paper cutter


STEP 1 Cut out all pieces to size.

I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the heart. I used "4 hearts" by Lori Whitlock (Design ID #20253). The exact size is 0.815" by 0.950".

STEP 2 Apply Heat n Bond to white felt pieces and the Velcro pieces.

To learn more about Heat n Bond, click here for .pdf instructions or watch their YouTube video here:

STEP 3 Assemble parts.

I centered the heart on one side. (This is easy since the heat transfer vinyl has a built in transfer tape.) On the reverse side, I centered the white felt rectangle and placed the small strips of Velcro at both ends. (see picture)

STEP 4 Apply heat.

Option 1: I set my heat press  (I use one in my shopsto 320 degrees and pressed for 15 seconds. 

Option 2*: Now I do realize that not everyone has access to a heat press.You can use an iron too. Use a scrap piece of fabric and cover the band-aid. Then set iron to cotton setting and press firmly for 45 to 60 seconds to adhere the heart.  Flip the band-aid over and iron on the white rectangle and Velcro for another 8 seconds.

STEP 5 Use scissors to round the corners.

That's it!

Of course the band-aids need a storage box. Here is the one I created with a little spray paint (leftover from my hopscotch project) and an Altoids box:

I got the idea from Pretty Things by Keren Dukes.

Other Options:

If you have a sewing machine, check out this tutorial from Little Bean Workshop and this tutorial from Pink and Green Mama. But if you are more of a glue gun girl (or guy), check out this tutorial from

Whatever method you use, I hope you and your kiddos have a blast "taking all the ouches away!"

P.S. Here is the matching Doc McStuffins headband I made from a purple headband and some flowers I got at Joann's. I just used my glue gun to attach one of the flowers to the side of the headband.

I also bought a lavender stethoscope from at a medical supply company for only $3.39!  I'm hoping to share the DIY Doc McStuffins check-up table my husband made soon. Stay tuned!!


  1. These are great!! I have a friend whose little girl has been going through band aids like crazy for her babies. I'm going to have to share this if that's ok!

    1. Please do! Tell her to email me if she has any questions.