Thursday, September 5, 2013

Simple Halloween Decor: "Trick or Treat" Candy Corn Kraft Blok

After posting this picture on my personal facebook page last fall, some people asked how I made it. Well here you go...

 As I was looking for Halloween inspiration online I came across the cutest idea from The Scrap Review. As soon as I saw it, I thought it was perfect! Not too scary but not too cutesy either. Of course, I pinned it on my Halloween board.

Here are my materials:

  • 7.5" KraftBlok: 
  • Black Indoor Adhesive Vinyl
  • Transfer Tape* (not pictured)
  • Candy Corn
  • Black Ribbon

My supplies.
**Transfer Tape is reusable. I was able to reuse mine from an old project.

If you are new to Silhouette and/or adhesive vinyl Silhouette America has detailed  printable tutorials on their website. This is just a quick "Show & Tell."

The only thing I wanted to change was the text. I thought the phrase "Trick or Treat" was more appropriate seeing as the glass block was filled with candy corn. I chose Trick or Treat by Jamie Koay (Love her!) from the Silhouette online store. I re-sized it to 6.25 by 6.25 so it would fit inside the block nicely.

Then I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the design. (See link above for details.) Next I weeded the vinyl.

Cutting and weeding my design.

I then used transfer tape to adhere my design on the front of the block.

Using transfer tape.

Note: Before I applied the design, I made sure the opening and plastic plug was on the bottom of the block.

BOTTOM of the block.
And now the fun part! I pulled out the plug and tossed in the candy corn. (Of course, I put the plug back.)

Filled with candy corn.

Finally,  I wrapped the ribbon around the entire block and tied a bow. I chose wire ribbon because it holds a nice bow shape.

The finished product!

There you have it! Happy Halloween!

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