Friday, August 23, 2013

How to Apply Bluewater Road Kids' Toilet Targets

Applying a toilet target is pretty easy. Here are the details:

{Step One} Clean toilet.
(Not my favorite either.)

{Step Two} Scoop out excess water.

{Step Three} Wipe dry. Wait 1 minute. Wipe again.

{Step Four} Peel away solid paper backing.

{Step Five} Place the target, sticky side down, on your desired location. Firmly rub target working from the center out. Use finger, credit card or popsicle stick.

{Step Six} Slowly peel away clear transfer paper.

{Step Seven} Smooth any leftover wrinkles or bubbles, if necessary.
 Use finger, credit card or popsicle stick.

 {Step Eight} Tell your boys to aim away!

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Just a little side note: I currently have four designs in my Etsy shop. Custom orders are always welcome.

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