Saturday, July 27, 2013

Super Cousins! Photo Shoot

My crafty friend Kari made the cutest superhero cape for our friends' son's 3rd birthday. At the party, she mentioned she was going to make another one for a girl with rhinestones.  Which got me thinking. A superhero cape would make a perfect addition to our dress up closet. I am always on the lookout for dress up clothes that aren't frilly princess dresses or wedding gowns. (For those of you who already know me, you know I don't do divas and I can only handle princesses in moderation.)

At first this was just going to be a non-princess dress up outfit but then it exploded to full-on Halloween costumes for the entire family.

Super Bug!  
Super Bug & Super Mama! 
Super Family! 
My husband is such a good sport!

Then I took the superhero idea and made an awesome Christmas gift for my nephew (picture to come.)  I paired his cape with a superhero tee and a superhero potty training book.

Superhero Potty Time by Sue DiCicco

A few months later I got the idea to incorporate superheros into our annual cousin photo shoot. Every summer we try to do a photo shoot with the cousins for Grandparents Day.

{The very first picture together - 2010}



Like I said above, this year we decided to do something superheroish. I present: SUPER COUSINS!

The two little cousins already had superhero outfits. I quickly made one for my niece (tutorial to come later.) We (my sister-in-law and I) asked my dad and a family friend to meet us at a park. We threw the costumes on and told the kids to go play.

Thanks, Papa!
Thanks, Stephanie! 
Not only did Stephanie rock her X-men tee for the photo shoot, she took it a step further and edited a few of the pictures.

Between my dad and Stephanie, there were about 1500 shots. Click play to see a few of my favorites:

Next, I want to make a comic book for the kids. Shutterfly maybe? A friend of mine told about Halftone, an app that turns your photos into comics. Has anyone used it?

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