Monday, November 5, 2012

How to Line Up Wall Decals Without a Level

We just moved the playroom from the basement to our underused upstairs sitting room because Bug doesn't like to play down in the basement by herself. This included moving her alphabet wall decal. Yes. All 102 pieces.

The first time I applied the decals to the basement wall, I had a laser level which has since disappeared. (Sigh.) As I sat there staring at the wall, I remembered my dad and I used chalk line to create straight lines when we put up dry wall in my parents' garage. Some chalk line would have been awesome (then again so would a laser level) but I was stuck at home with my car at the mechanic.  I would just have to make due with stuff I had in my house.

Here is what I gathered: measuring tape, pencil, hammer, finishing nails and yarn. (Thanks, Jojo, for the yarn!)

My materials
First I measured and marked 42 inches (from the ground) where the A would sit and again where the Z would sit. Then I hammered a nail on each mark. Next I tied one end of a piece of yarn to each nail, creating a straight line across my wall.

Close-up of yarn tied to nail.
Using the yarn as my guide, I adhered the letters on the wall. Because each letter is a different size and font, I placed the bottom of each letter against the yarn.
In progress...
It took some patience but I finally finished. My next project is create a wall gallery above the alphabet to display Bug's art (because the tape looks ridiculous), finish the coffee shop and find a way to display/store picture books. Stay tuned!

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